IM Paul Hoffmann wins Äskulap-Turnier

IM Paul Hoffmann (right) from USV TU Dresden has won the
Äskulap-Turnier after drawing IM Kamil Stachowiak from Polen
in the last round.Hoffmann scored 5,5 points.The same amount
was gained by GM Gerald Hertneck, GM Ilmars Starostits, IM Kamil
Stachowiak, IM Piotr Dobrowolski and GM Vladimir Sergeev.
Sergeev won a long game against me with the London-system.
I ended up as number 20 with 4,5 points.Pål Røyset drew Dobrowolski
and was best of the Norwegians with 5 points and 15th place.

Görlitz:Quick win in the 6th round

Pål Røyset (left) had a fine position against Andreas Berthold in
the 6th round of the Äskulap-Turnier. They are still playing, but I
think Pål has fine winning chances.

Here we can see FM Karsten Schulz (left) against the GM Vladimir
Sergeev from Ukraine. They are also still playing as these lines are
being written.

I won my game pretty quickly against Tyron Milare. I got nothing
as white from an English opening, but I kept on pushing for a win,
and in a slightly worse position, my young opponent (11 years old)
blundered a rook. So now I have 4,5 points. I guess I need point
in the last round to get a prize.The last round starts 14.00.

Görlitz:Three players lead

The 5th round of the Äskulap-Turnier in Görlitz is finished now.
FM Karsten Schulz (right) from Schwerin has 4 points after beating
WIM Kerstin Kunze from Cottbus in the 5th round. Karsten has white
against GM Vladimir Sergeev in the 6th round Saturday 8.00.

Hugo Post (right) revenged his loss to me in the 4th round and beat
Kerstin Schmieder. Hugo has 3 points and black against Jörg Lorenz
in the morning round Saturday.

Many young players participate in the tournament. That is great news
for the future of German chess.Perhaps we will see some new Blübaums
in short time…

Pål Røyset (right) had white against the French expert GM Gerald
Hertneck. Gerry took control and pushed Pål down by a mix of
positional and attacking motifs.Gerry has white against GM Mikhail
Ivanov tomorrow. Pål has black against Andreas Berthold.Pål has
3,5 points.

I pushed hard as black against Ulf Wallgren,but did not find the
most precise moves to kill the game. Ulf defended in a great manner
and saved the draw. A disappointing result. I have 3,5 points and
have white against Tyron Milare, a young player.The 6th round
starts 8.00. The 7th and last round starts 14.00.
IM Paul Hoffmann, GM Ilmars Starostits and IM Kamil Stachowiak
lead With 4,5 Points. Hoffmann has white against Starostits in the
6th round. Stachowiak has white against his countryman IM Michal


Saric vant EM

Den kroatiske GM Ivan Saric gikk til
topps i EM i sjakk som ble spilt i
Batumi i Georgia. Saric slo GM David
Navara i sluttrunden og gikk i mål
med 8,5 av 11.På sølv og bronse
finner vi GM Radoslaw Wojtaszek fra
Polen og GM Sanan Sjugirov fra
Russland med 8. Disse var best
av spillerne på 8. Svenske GM Nils
Grandelius leverte en sterk turnering
med 7,5 poeng og 12.plass. Dermed
kvalet han inn til neste utgave av
FIDE World Cup. Sjekk alle resultater
hos Chess-Results.

Äskulap-Turnier:Good wins in the morning round

Pål Røyset (left) sacrificed an exchange against Julian Nöldner.
Nöldner could have forced a draw in this game from the 4th round
of the Äskulap-Turnier in Görlitz.But Nöldner went for the win and
Pål could counter him down. Pål now has 3,5 points and will face
a title player in the next round at 15.00.

I beat Hugo Post With the 3.Bb5-system that I beat Trond Romsdal
With in a rapid tournament in Alta 2007. Hugo equalized, but I went
for gold in the endgame by letting my king og over the board. Hugo
could have made a draw many times, but after 49.-a5?? I capitalized.
A very important victory. I hope I can build on this win in the next
round this afternoon.

Norbert Bauer (left) from Torgelow-Drögeheid is a nice acquintance
With whom I played in 2015. Later we went out for dinner, discussing
our drawn game. Norbert actually should have won that Bogo-Indian duell
Three years ago. In this round he played IM Virginijus Dambrauskas
from Lithuanien. Next to Dambrauskas we can see IM Oleg Krionosov
who has had a tournament with draws against lower rated players,
exactly like me.

A nice breakfast here in the Parkhotel gave us energy to show
our best.In some hours, the chess Knights from Norway will go on
new adventures here in the chessmetropol Görlitz.