Zürich: Magnus beats Gelfand

Gelfand mot Carlsen i første runde.

 World Champion Magnus Carlsen played a strong game
against GM Boris Gelfand in the 1st round of Zürich
Chess Challenge.With 15.g4! Magnus got an edge. His
piece were very active and he pushed the israeli over the
edge.World number two, GM Levon Aronian, won his game
against Exworldchampion Vishy Anand who seems a bit
lost these days.Aronian got a piece for some pawns in the
middelegame and converted his advantage to a full point.
In the game Nakamura-Caruana the latter got an opening
advantage which he spoilt. This game ended in a draw after
67 moves. Read the 1st round report at Chessbase. The
games in the second round are Carlsen-Aronian, Gelfand-
Caruana and Anand-Nakamura. Follow livegames from
15.00 (3 p.m.) in ChessBomb or in the homepage.

Gibraltar:Tari slo Sandipan!

IM Aryan Tari, her i kamp med Vegar Koi Gandrud i det åpne Buskeruds-
mesterskapet i 2012, vant i dagens 3.runde av Gibraltar Masters med svart
mot GM Chanda Sandipan (2609). Aryan er dermed oppe på 2,5 poeng.
Det samme har GM Simen Agdestein som kollapset i tidsnøden i dag og
satte vekk en vinststilling. Hans motstander WGM Zhongyi Tan (2483)
var fornøyd med remis og dermed reddet Simen en tapsstilling.På 2 poeng
finner vi blant annet IM Petter Haugli som slo Pascal Vernauil (2064) og
FM Johan Salomon som remiserte GM Mikhail Al Antipov (2511). 4.runde
spilles fredag kl.15.

Magnus won the Zürich-blitz

Magnus Carlsen under lynsjakkturneringen.
 World Champion Magnus Carlsen seemed a bit rusty
in the start of yesterday`s blitz tournament in Zürich, but
after beating Anand and Nakamura in the last round he
won with 3 points out of 5, with better quality then
Aronian. Magnus gets three white games in the main
tournament which starts in the swiss  city today. The 1st
round meetings are like this: Carlsen-Gelfand, Aronian-Anand
and Nakamura-Caruana. The first round start 3. p.m.
(15.00) and there will be live broadcast on the homepage,
or on Chessbomb. TV2.no will cover everything live.
Read the report on Chessvibes.
Foto:Mads Nyborg Støstad/NRK