Victory against Plauen

At the weekend I played for my
new german club Nickelhütte
Aue.We travelled to Plauen
to take on König Plauen in the startmatch of the Oberliga Ost A.

Board 1:FM Sebastian Eichner (right)-Simon Burian 1-0.Sebastian
early got a comfortable edge against Burian and pushed the game home
after some hours play.

Board 2:Daniel Zähringer-IM Gunter Spieß 1/2-1/2
The players discussed the exchange variation in the slav. It seemed
white had the somewhat better chances in the middle games, but
Gunter in the end made a comfortable draw.

Board 3: IM Hannes Langrock-FM Carlo Kunze 1/2-1/2
Hannes never got anything from the Bb4+ catalan.Kunze in the end
made a comfortable draw.

Board 4:FM Gunter Sandner-FM Joachim Solberg 1/2-1/2
I played the queen`s indian and my opponent got the slightly better
chances after he pushed d5 in the early middle game. But he spent
much time on the clock and gradually I took over the control on the
board, winning the central d5-pawn.But the match situation was at
stake, so I decided to play it cool and force the draw by repetition.

Board 5:IM Cliff Wichmann-FM Sven Schaller 0-1
Schaller got an edge after the opening and Cliff`s rook on h4 seemed
a bit wrong placed. In the end Schaller combined to win Cliff`s queen
for a rook. Some moves later Cliff was mated.

Board 6:Matthias Hörr-Jürgen Heinz 1/2-1/2
Jürgen got a comfortable edge with an endgame with two passed
pawns which seemed won. He played it safe and secured a draw which
highly contributed to the team victory.

Board 7:Torsten Schramm-Erik Fischer 1/2-1/2
Torsten was back in the Aue-team after some years away. He was
under pressure in a rook endgame, but defended good and secured a
very important draw.

Board 8:Illia Pivtorak-Christian Pössel 0-1
Christian sacrificed a piece for attacking chances. I was a bit worried,
but Christian obviously managed to create chances with his advanced
past pawn and in the end he won the game.The conter of the day!
Very important win from Christian! In the end we won 4,5-3,5 and
got off to a good season start.

NSR (National Schiedsrichter)  (referee) Josef Heinkelmann had
good control this day in Plauen. We will be judged by Josef also in the
last rounds in April.

It was a nice weekend in Plauen.Good travel from Leipzig with chess
friends Gunter and Hannes.Then nice team dinner in Altes Handelshaus
and a nice hotel night in Hotel Alexandria followed by breakfast and
play in the same hotel. Then we travelled back to Leipzig before I took
train to Berlin and airplane back to Norway.
The next rounds will be played in December in Aue.

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    1. Hello Joachim,

      Thank you very much for the nice preparation of the Oberliga start.
      And welcome to the team!

      Hope to meet you in December in Aue

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