Äskulap-Turnier:Pål opened his account

Pål Røyset (right) opened his winning account in the 2nd round of
the Äskulap-Turnier here in Görlitz. Pål pushed against Clemens
Beyer and got rewarded.Pål was just to the barber getting a haircut
and so we will see two shortcutted Norwegian players in the next
rounds.Pål has white against Axel Schroedter in the 3rd round.

The experienced GM Ilmars Starostits (right) won in fine style
against Marcus Ramlow in the 2nd round. He has white against
FM Karsten Schulz from Schwerin in the 3rd round 15.00.

I made a draw against Elisa Silz and have 1,5 points as Pål.
I play black against Kerstin Arnhold in the 3rd round.

Our hotel, Parkhotel Görlitz. A nice 4-star hotel. It also has place
for you, next year, Thorbjørn Skaug.

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