Äskulap-Turnier as started

Pål Røyset (right) started the Äskulap-Turnier with a draw as white
against Mathias Würsig. Pål sacrificed a bishop on f7 as white in a
pirc. His opponent moved his king to f8. If he had accepted the offer,
Pål would have soon won in big style. Later Pål overlooked some
of Würzig`s moves. Würzig won two pawns but was satisfied to draw
with one pawn extra and a much better position. Pål could be happy not
to lose this game against this 1800-player who offered me draw
4(!) times last year before I told him enough is enough. Pål has
black against Clemens Beyer tomorrow. He is not so good as Würzig.
Normally Pål should win this game.

I had to fight hard to win against Dave Mövisch. He played very good
for quite a long time, but made a mistake before the time control and
I could counter attack with check on f2. Soon after I mated him on
f6 with my knight. I have white against Elisa Silz tomorrow. I expect
a sicilian duell.

The winner from 2017, GM Gerald Hertneck (right) won in the
opening round.He has white against Florian Schmekel tomorrow
morning. A good winning chance for Gerry.

Thursday has two rounds, 8.30 and 15.00. Follow the tournament
on the homepage.
Photos:Joachim Solberg and Pål Røyset

    1. Jeg er helt enig i at “enough is enough”.
      Det finnes en gris-versjon av denne, og den går som følger:
      “A nøff is a nøff”,

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