Nice trip to the candidates

Today I travelled from Leipzig to Berlin with my good friend, Dr.Sören
Bär, to watch the exciting 13th round of the candidates tournament
in chess in the Kühlhaus in the German capital.We bought some hot
chocolate and coffee in Cafe Bonjour before we were let in at 14.00.

Here is Sören outside the playing hall. Two hours before start in
the Kühlhaus which lie a bit away from civilization in Berlin.

I was caring a photo apparat, ready to make shots of the top
players in the candidates.

Here we can see Caruana vs Aronian from the 2nd floor. Caruana
won this game as white in an anti -Marshall and is now the favourite
to challenge Magnus in London in November. Caruana leads
Mamedyarov and Karjakin with half a point before the final on Tuesday.
Mame beat Grischuk today while Karjakin played a quick draw against
So with the black pieces,

After the games finished it was time for the pressconference. Here
we see Aronian, press chief Anatasia Karlovich and GM Fabiano
Caruana discussing their game and answering questions from
the audience.

The last game to finish was the game between GM Diren Ling and
GM Vladimir Kramnik. Here we see them discuss their game in the
press conference with press chief Anastasia Karlovich. Kramnik
had winning chences, but he had too long smoking breaks. Very
stupid. Smoking destroys your health, and that of other people.
It also destroys your chess. The moral is: Don`t smoke. It is just stupid!
Tuesday the tournament finishes with the games Karjakin-Liren,
Grischuk-Carauana,Kramnik-Mamedyarov and Aronian-So.
Follow the games live from 15.00 on ChessBomb or Chess24.

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