GM Simantsev won Leipzig Open

GM Mikhail Simantsev (left) played a quick draw in the last round
of the Leipzig Open to secure tournament victory with 7,5 points
in 9 rounds.The same points was taken by IM Dmitry Mischuk who
played a draw against CM Steffen Weitzer who was fourth with
6,5 points.Jasper Hainke from Empor Erfurt surprised with his third
place, best of those scoring 6,5 points. I won in the last round, but
it was a bit disappointing tournament with 6 points and 11th place.
I had some winning chances at one stage against the tournamentwinner
but played to quickly and the game ended draw. Now I and Pål Røyset
will play in Äskulap-Turnier in Görlitz starting on Wednesday.That
tournament has seven rounds and lasts to Saturday.

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