Karjakin beats Kramnik

Bilderesultat for sergej karjakin
The 9th round of the
candidates tournament
in Berlin was played
on Tuesday afternoon.
GM Sergej Karjakin
had a fine preparation
with h4. His opponent
GM Vladimir Kramnik
early went bananas with
f5 and later sacrificed
a rook. Karjakin kept
calm and capitalized
on his opponents
problems in the semi
tarrasch. Kramnik
did not come to the
The games Aronian-
Mamedyarov, Caruana-
Ding and So-Grischuk all
ended up as draws.
After the 9th round
Caruana leads with
6 Points, ahead of
Mamedyarov with 5,5
points.Grischuk in
third has 5 points.
Most probably one
of these three players
will challenge Magnus
in London in November.
Today is free day. The
10th round will be played
on Thursday at 15.00.
Follow live on Chess24
or ChessBomb.

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