Berlin:Grischuk beats Kramnik

Alexander Grischuk grandmaster.jpg
The candidates tournament had some
interesting moments yesterday in the 8th round.
Grandmaster Alexander Grischuk has
4,5 points after winning against GM Vladimir
Kramnik. Kramnik yet again defended with
the semi tarrasch. He gets decent positions
but all the time he overestimates his positions.
In yesterday`s game he should have played
the obvious 31-.Bxc3 with a draw coming next.
Instead he collapsed with 31.-Bf5?? Kramnik`s
problem is that he can`t stay objective. If you
play to win all sorts of positions it can bounce
back to you. And Kramnik surely is not the youngest
man anymore. It is embarrassing to see him claim
that he has the best position in alle his games,
when this is far from being the case. Kramnik
should have brought a psychologist in his team.
This is developing into a catastrophic tournament
for the Russian exchampion.
GM Fabiano Caruana plays solid and drew countryman
GM Wesley So on Monday.Caruana leads with
5,5 points, half a point ahead of GM Shak Mamedyarov
who played a draw as white in the Catalan defence
against GM Sergey Karjakin.In the last game of the
round GM Ding Liren pushed with a pawn in advantage
against GM Levon Aronian. It was yet another Catalan.
After 41 moves we got a repetition of moves and the game
was drawn.
The 9th round will be played today at 15.00. The games
are Caruana-Ding, Karjakin-Kramnik, So-Grischuk and
Aronian-Mamedyarov. My tip is that Karjakin, Caruana and
Mamedyarov will win today and the last game ends in a
draw.Follow the games live at Chess24 or ChessBomb.

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