Berlin:Caruana leads the candidates tournament

GM Fabiano Caruana (right) keeps the lead in the
candidates tournament in Berlin after playing a
hard fought draw against GM Alexander Grischuk in
the 6th round of the candidates tournament in
Berlin Friday.Caruana now has 4 points. He shares
the lead with my tournament favourite, GM Shak
Mamedyarov who utilized a hopeless action from
Kramnik who refused draw with repetition.Kramnik
has lost two games now and he has lost his objectivity.
One can see in the press conference that he is too
subjective. A dangerous way, he seems to overvalue
his own positions.I think Kramnik is out of it. He is
just too unsolid and loses to many games.He now
has 3 points and shares 3rd til 5th place with Ding and
Grischuk. So beat Aronian yesterday and has 2,5
points.The same amount of points as Aronian.
Karjakin drew Ding yesterday and lies last with 2
points. What strikes me is the fact that Aronian and
Kramnik played way too long yesterday. It was
unsporting to continue so long. Their opponents
had no problems with time.The 7th round will take
part on Sunday With the games Grischuk-Mamedyarov,
Aronian-Caruana, Karjakin-So and Kramnik.Liren.
Follow live from 15.00 on Chess.24 or ChessBomb.

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