Caruana leads the candidate tournament

The 5th round in the candidates tournament was yet an intereesting
day.The leader GM Fabiano Caruana (right) played a fairly quick
draw as white against GM Sergej Karjakin. They discussed a
variatio in the catalan but soon all the pieces disappeared from
the Board. After 31 moves they agreed a draw.The game So-Karjakin
was a semi tarrasch game. Many pieces were swapped and after 57
moves the players agreed a draw in a Queen and bishop ending.
The game Ling-Mamedyarov was not very dramatic and after 31
moves a draw was agreed. The last game between Aronian and
Grischuk was a real interesting Benoni. Aronian got a big advantage
and he could have decided the game With 29.Qxc8+ Instead he played
Qd8+ and the advantage disappeared. Today is the 5th round at 15.00
with the games Caruana-Grischuk, Ling-Karjakin, Mamedyarov-Kramnik
and So-Aronian. Follow live on Chess24 or ChessBomb.

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