Candidates tournament:Grischuk beats So

GM Alexander Grischuk was the only
winner in the 2nd round of the candidates
Grischuk played energetic
as white in Ruy Lopez against GM Wesley
So and got a pleasant advantage in the
middlegame. After 23.Qc1! Grischuk
cruised to victory after staying clear
of errors in the time scramble up to
the 40th move. He now has 1 point.
In the game Liren-Caruana Fabi tested
the fashionable Bukavshin-variation
in Catalan where black plays 7.-b6.
The players discussed the critical
variation with 8.Ne5 and Ding picked
up the rook on a8 giving  a knight and
pawn in return. Fabi played actively
and in the end made a pretty easy draw.
Ding has 1 point and Caruana 1,5.
In the russian meeting between Kramnik
and Karjakin we saw 1.e4 and we got
the Berlin Defence which both players
know very well. Kramnik pushed for
victory but did not really come Close.
After 55 moves the players agreed upon
a draw in a drawn opposite bishop ending.
In the last game of the round Mamedyarov
played white against Aronian we got a nimzo
With 4.Qc2.Both players played actively and got
out their pieces in fine positions. After some 20 moves
the players repeated the moves. After this draw
Mame has 1,5 Points and Aronian 1. Read more
about the round at Chessbase.
The 3rd round will be played today at 15.00. We have
the games Aronian-Kramnik, Karjakin-Grischuk,
So-Ding and Caruana-Mamedyarov. Follow live
on Chess24 or ChessBomb.


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