Chess-News on Tuesday

Here are some Chess-News on Tuesday:
1.The German Pokal Championships is
underways. Aufbau Elbe Magdeburg
is through to the 1/8-final on 3.March,
Magdeburg beat SG Leipzig 2,5-1,5
last weekend.
2.Andreas Berthold from SV 1892
Schwarzheide has won the 14.
Kesselsdorfer Neujahrsblitzturnier.
He scored 10 points in 12 rounds.
3.GM Arkadij Najditsch won the
big New Delhi International in
Delhi in India. He made a draw with
Italian GM Alberto David in the last
round.He scored 8,5 points after 10
rounds.GM Ziaur Rahman from Bangladesh
was second and IM Mohammad was
Third. GM Adam Horvath was fourth.
They all scored 8 points.

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