Chess-News on Friday

Here are some chess-news on Friday
1.GM Max Illingworth has won the
Australian Championship in chess.
He beat FM Gene Nakauchi in the
last round today and ended up With
11 points after 12 rounds.GM Anton
Smirnov followed on 10 points.
IM Ari Dale was third with 8,5 points.
2.IM Franz Bräuer has won the traditional
Sektblitz in Erfurt Chessclub.He scored
18,5 points in 21 rounds.GM Peter Enders
beat the winner but ended up in 18 points.
IM Matthias Müller was third with 17 points.
The tournament was played on Saturday
3.The Sevilla Open starts today.Vasquez,
Kveinys,Santos, Saric and Dvirnyy are
some of the top players. The tournament
lasts til Saturday 20.January.


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