IM Gunter Spieß combines

IM Gunter Spieß (right) from Nickelhütte Aue is a very experienced IM
from Leipzig.The 52 year old who plays for Nickelhütte Aue in
the 2.Bundesliga Ost has been a very strong player in Sachsen for
many year. About 15 years he has had an elo over 2400! In 2008
he became an International master in chess. He has won the Sachsen-
championships in all disciplines. He is the reigning Sachsenchampion
in rapid chess. Today we will show how Gunter beats FM Sebastian
Testor from Passau in a 2.Bundesliga Ost match in October
2016. We will join the game, an Queen Indian game,
(4.-Ba6-variation) after black`s 13nth move Qc8.
The postion in the game Spieß-Testor after 13.-Qc8:

How did Gunter continue in the diagramposition?
14.Nf5! A thematic move eying the g7-spot.
Re8 15.Nb5 Threatening Nf(b)d6 winning the
exchange.Nd4 16.Rxd4!? An interesting sac.
Bxg2 17.Rg4!? Threatening on g7. Leaving
the black bishop on g2. Gunter is going all in.
Bh3? Black had to take on g4 and then play
Bf6. But white has a fine initiative after Bf4
and controlling the d6 spot.18.Rxg7+ Kh8
How did white continue his attack?

19.Nbd6! Eying f7 and threatening queen
and rook.Bxd6 20.Nxd6 Qb8 21.Nxe8 Qxe8
22.Qh4! Qe6 (22.-Kxg7 23.Bh6+ and after
Qg5+ in the next move black will be mated.
23.Bg5?! (23.Rg5! was better) Kxg7? (23.-Nh5!
24.Rxf7 and white still has a solid advantage).
24.Qh6+ Kg8 25.Bxf6 Qg4 26.Bc3! White
threatens Qf6 with the big threat Qh8 mate or
picking up the rook on a8 after Kf8.f6 27.f3
White will now win the bishop on h3 and
soon the game. But 27.Rd1! was perhaps
even better.Qe6 28.g4 The bishop is trapped.
Black tried with a sacrifice, but after 28.-Bxg4
29.fxg4 Qxg4+ 30.Kf2
black had not enough
and lost after 58 moves.1-0.
The position in the game Spie
after 30.Kf2:

Play through more of Gunter`s games here.
Read more about the sympathic IM Gunter
Spieß on Wikipedia.

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