Moscow: Caruana beat Anand

FM Fabiano Caruana (left) won against GM Vishy Anand in the
10th round of FIDEs candidate tournament in Moscow. Caruana got
a fine position as white in an english game. Caruana sacrificed a
bishop on h6 and got attack and won the exchange. He also soon
won the game and is in the lead with 6 points. He must share the
lead with GM Sergey Karjakin who drew GM Anish Giri as white.
The games Svidler-Nakamura and Aronian-Topalov ended in draws,
Read the round report at Chessbase. The 11 round will be played
todat at 1 p.m. (13.00).The games are Anand-Karjakin, Topalov-Caruana,
Aronian-Svidler and Giri-Nakamura. Follow the games live on the
homepage or on ChessBomb.


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