Tata Steel: Magnus beat Eljanov

Yesterday was yet another interesting day in the Tata Steel tournament.
World Champion Magnus Carlsen continues his streak of wins. In the
7th round his opponent GM Pavel Eljanov played the Catalan defence,and
Magnus played aggressive in the opening and offered the b-pawn with
14.-b5?!. Eljanov refused the offered pawn and played 15.e4?! after which
Magnus gradually took over. Eljanov later offered a piece, but Magnus had
good control and won in fine style. Magnus is still in shared lead as Caruana
beat Ding in the top game of the round. Both players now have 5 points.
So, Giri and Liren Ding have 4 points.Read more about it at ChessBase.
  In the 8th round today Magnus has black against Karjakin and Caruana
has black against Navara. Follow the 8th round live at ChessBomb from
1.30 p.m. today.
Photo:Alina L’Ami

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