Tata Steel: Magnus beats Tomashevsky

World Champion Magnus Carlsen (right) beat GM Evgeny Tomashevsky
with the white pieces in the 6th round of the Tata Steel tournament. Magnus
played the London System and got a fine edge on the clock and later on
the board.As Magnus invaded on the 7th rank with his rook it was over.
As Caruana and Ding played draws, Magnus is now in shared lead with
the two mentioned players. The trio have 4 Points after the 6th round.
In this round GM Anish Giri was the only other player to score a win. He
beat GM Shak Mamedyarov with the white pieces and has 50 percent
score now. Read more about the 6th round in ChessBase. The 7th round
will be played today with the game Eljanov-Carlsen.Follow the games live
on ChessBomb from 1.30 p.m.
Photo:Alina L’Ami

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