Leipzig: Hard fighting in Fortuna Blitz

Yesterday I was once again in Leipzig Paunsdorf to play blitz with chess
friends from Fortuna Leipzig.

Like always the players met in Karinas Treff to battle it out. Yesterday
some players were occupied playing tournament games, so only 8 players
took part in the blitz tournament.

Here we see Joachim Grentz (left) taking on Antje Lindemann in a game
where the concentration factor is high..Behind them we see Karl-Heinz
Lehmann in blue pullover playing webmaster Hartmut Didt.

In another round Antje met Steffen Hoffmann (right). Steffen has written
another one of his histories on the homepage. Read and enjoy! Stefan
Göttert is sitting next to Steffen. Stefan is also a strong blitz player.

Here a look at the tournament games which took place in the same

I won the blitz tournament with 6,5 points in 7 rounds after drawing Karl-
Heinz in the last round. Karl-Heinz followed on 5,5 points with Stefan I

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