Görlitz:Äskulap-tournament has started

IM Cliff Wichmann (left) from Nickelhütte Aue had a big advantage in
his 1st round game in Âskulap-Turnier and probably won.

FM Hendrik Hoffmann (above left) from SG Leipzig played attacking chess
and had a winning position against his Young opponent as I left the playing

FM Karsten Schulz (left) from Schwerin Plays many open tournaments in
Germany and he spends another Easter in Görlitz.

I won my game with black against Rainer Kalbass (1848).It was an
English game where I won material in the middlegame.I have white
against Dirk Niese (2028) tomorrow morning.

The 2nd round starts tomorrow at 8.30.Follow the results on the homepage.

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