Neutraubling:Victory against Neutraubling

FM Stephan Rausch impressed in the 2.Bundesliga Ost start in Neutraubling.
He attacked with h4 against his opponent Christoph Wutz and won after
a fine attacking game.

Leonard Richter made a fine win today exploiting some mistakes by his
opponent FM Michael Quast. Leonard shows he is in a fine development

FM Wilfrid Wernert played a complicated game as black against FM Roland
Schmid. It looked really like a hard fight. At the end Wilfrid managed to win
a pawn and go into a won pawn endgame.

IM Hannes Langrock tested 1.b3 -the Larsen opening. Nothing much
happened in his game against FM Philipp Hitzler and it ended in a draw.

IM Heiko Machelett made a solid draw with black against IM Raul Schmidt.
It will be interesting to follow Heiko tomorrow. Can he win against Passau?

FM Roland Voigt played an interesting game as white in a Stonewall set-up.
His opponent IM Roland Loos seemed to have the slightly better chances
when “our” Roland took out drawing checks.

Roland Gruber had an advantage against FM Matthias Liedtke today, but
the Leipziger FM managed to secure a draw in the time scramble phase.
On the 6th board I won with black against FM Jens-Uwe Pohl Kuemmel.
He had a small edge after the opening which I neutralized in the endgame.
I established a dangerous passed pawn in the b-line which won the game
for me. Very nice to win in the Bundesliga-debut.
SG Leipzig can be satisfied with a 6-2 victory against a pretty strong
opponent. Tomorrow at 10 o`clock we wil play agaist Passau.
Check out the results from today above.

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