Chennai: Magnus won again

The Challenger GM Magnus Carlsen won the 9th game
of the World Championship Match against the Champion
GM Vishy Anand. Anand played 1.d4 for the first time in
the match. Magnus chose the Nimzo-Indian Defence
and Anand played the sharp 4.f3-line. It became a very
sharp position where Anand stormed forward with his
pawns on the king`s side. Carlsen relied on his b-pawn.
This pawn was eventually a queen. After a horrible blunder
by Anand Magnus could enter a won position where he soon
could sacrifice his extra queen on Anand`s rook. Then
the Indian Champion resigned. Carlsen now leads 6-3
and needs only a draw in the 10th game tomorrow. This
should be possible as he has the white pieces. Follow the
game live on the homepage or in ChessBomb from 10.30 a.m.
 Read a report from the game today on ChessBase.
Foto:Anastasya Karlovich

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