Chennai: Magnus made an easy draw

Carlsen-Anand, game 8, drawn in 33 moves
GM Magnus Carlsen played 1.e4 for the first time in
the match. World Champion Vishy Anand replied with
1.-e5 and the players soon landed in the Berlin Defence.
Magnus played a solid variation with 5.Re1 and soon
we witnessed mass exchanges. After 33 moves a draw was
agreed in a pawn endgame where none of the players could
make progress. With this draw Magnus leads 5-3. The
ninth game will be played on Thursday at 10.30 (a.m.).
Anand will have the white pieces and must make a serious
winning attempt to try and eat up the lead Magnus has.
Follow the game live on the homepage or on ChessBomb.
Read the report from today`s game on ChessVibes.
Foto:Anastasya Karlovich

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