Chennai: Magnus destroyed Anand

GM Magnus Carlsen used his brilliant endgame technique to book his first black win
against World Champion Vishy Anand.The 6th game of the World Championship match
followed the same path as the last two: Magnus pushing. And again the world champion
had nothing in the opening. He made some strange decisions in the middle game taking
on a double pawn on e3 and e4. And like Fischer 42 years ago, Magnus pushed his
older opponents in drawn endgames. Yet again Anand showed big weaknesses in a rook
endgame. The horrible mistake 60.Ra4??? lost the game on the spot. Magnus cashed
in the win and now leads 4-2. The match is now practically over. Magnus has shown that
he is the strongest player and will never give away this lead. I bet the match is over after
the 10th game, Magnus winning 6,5-3,5 and becoming the 16th World Champion.
The 7th game will be played on Monday half past ten (10.30 a.m.). Anand has the white
pieces and must desperately try an aggressive opening like the Evans Gambit.
Follow the game live on the homepage or on ChessBomb. Read reports in ChessBase
and at Sjakkfantomet.Foto:Anastasya Karlovich

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