Chennai: Magnus close to win

Carlsen hadde fordel, men Anand berget remisen.
  World number one, GM Magnus Carlsen, was close to
winning the 4th game of the World Championship match
aganinst World Champion Vishy Anand. Magnus had a stable
advantage as black in the Berlin Defence. He picked up a
pawn on a2 in the middle game. The World Champion got
play in the c-file and a pawn on e6 gave some counter play.
After 64 moves the players agreed to a draw. The standing is
now 2-2. The next game will be played on Friday. Magnus will
then have the white pieces. Follow this game live at 10.30 a.m
on the homepage or on ChesssBomb. Follow the NRK live
broadcast here.Read the report from
the 4th game in ChessBase.
Foto:Anastasya Karlovich

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