Bacrot won in Cap d’Agde

The French Grandmaster Etienne Bacrot is the winner of Cap d’Agde after
beating the 12th World Champion Anatoly Karpov 3-1 in the final. The first
two rapid games ended 1-1. Bacrot had a big advantage in game one, but
time scramble spoiled his winning chances. The second game was a Center
Counter which ended draw after 12 games. Then it cane down to a blitz
decider. Karpov was better in a King`s Indian, but in time trouble he blundered
and lost. Then he had to win the second blitz game to equalize. Karpov also
got a winning position with a mating attack, but once again he spent too much
time, this time losing on time. Bacrot could then lift the trophy as champion
in Cap d’Agde 2013. ChessBase has a final report.
Fotos:The Organizer

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