Chess-News on Wednesday

Here are some Chess-Results.
1.GM Dmitry Jakovenko from Russia
has won the Karpov-Poikovsky-tournament
scoring 6,5 points in 9 rounds.GM Ian Nepo
and GM Boris Gelfand took the other places
on the podium scoring 6 points.
2.Belgian GM Alexandre Dgebuadze won
the 10.Rheinland-Pfalz-Open scoring 6 points
in 7 rounds. He had more Sonnenborn Berger
points then GM Viesturs Meijers from Latvia
and IM Adrian-Marian Petrisor from Romania.
3.Ukrainian IM Petro Golubka won the 21.Rhein-
making 6 points in 7 rounds.
GMs Igor Khenkin and Andrey Zhigalko scored
5,5 points on the next places.

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