Leipzig Open:Hard fighting

GM Mikhail Simantsev (left) from the Ukraine had the white pieces
in the 4th round of the Leipzig Open. His opponent CN Steffen Weitzer
played the Benko-gambit.The game was still going as I left the
playing hall after beating Bernd Hiemer, making it 3 points after losing
to Gunter Heinsohn yesterday. We can also see Wolfgang Just behind

IM Cliff Wichmann (left) got a comfortable edge as white against
Prof Dr.Jrg Schmidt and won in fine style. Cliff has 3 points.
The 5th round starts at 16.00

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Jan Arne

23.03.2018 kl.14:51

Hei Joachim

Takk for rapportene. Fortsatt lykke til. Kos deg.

Du har sikkert noen favorittrestauranter......

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