Hertneck wins in Görlitz

The top favourite, GM Gerald Hertneck, from Munich won the
Äskulap-Turnier in Görlitz. He beat FM Hendrik Hoffmann from SG
Leipzig in the last round to finish with 6 points after 7 rounds.
Hendrik also made a good tournament ending up as number 9
and getting a money prize with 5 points.

FM Thomas Schunk (right) from SG Leipzig had a very good
tournament scoring 5 points and getting points against many IMs
and GMs. In the picture he draws IM Michal Luch from Polen as
black in a stonewall Dutch.Thomas ended up as number 5 with
a eloperformance close to 2400.

Pål Røyset (right) played a very strong tournament. Here we see
Pål drawing IM Oleg Krivonosov in the last round. Pål had some
wins in the endgame which he did not see. But with 5 points he
ended up as number 9, taking 90 euros as prize money.

I lost to GM Zigurds Lanka in the last round, ending up with 4,5 points
and earning some rating. It was a nice tournament in Görlitz.


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