Bundesliga:Vogt with good performance

GM Lothar Vogt (left) made a fine performance in the Bundesliga last
weekend. He wonas black against IMGerlef Meins on Saturday but
Vogts`Eppingen still lost 3,5-4,5 against Werder Bremen. On Sunday
Vogt played a draw against IM Christian Richter, but Eppingen against
lost 3,5-4,5 against Turm Emsdetten. Vogts`opponent on this picture,
GM Raj Tischbierek,also made 1,5 points after winning onSaturday against
GM Spike Ernst.Tischbierek and his club Dresden won against Rostock
on Saturday, 6,5-1,5, but lost on Sunday 3,5-4,5 against Hamburger SK.
After 9 rounds Baden-Baden leads with 17 Points, after dropping one
point against Werder Bremen last weekend. Dresden lies in 4th Place.
Eppingen in 12th place and needs more points to save the place.The
last four teams in the table will be relegated.

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