Bielefeld: in the German team championships

FM Roland Voigt and his teammates in SG Leipzig made a fine result in
yesterday`s German team blitzchampionships in Bielefeld. Roland scored
18,5 points from 25 rounds. CM Joachim Solberg scored 17, FM Stephan
Rausch made 14 points. The same did FM Hendrik Hoffmann on the last
board. Knig Tegel Berlin won the championship.SF Berlin snatched silver
while OSC Baden-Baden took the bronze. SG Leipzig made a fine
The highlight of the day was a 2-2 against Baden-Baden and victories
over Hofheim and Hamburger SV.SG Leipzig is with thisresult direct
qualified for the the next championship in 2015.The team had a fine travel
back to Leipzig playing cards in the train.

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