Hard fighting in Heidenau

On Saturday I was in Heidenau in Sachsen, Germany to play a
24 hour blitz tournament. I felt in good shape after spending the night
in Berlin.Arriving in Heidanau, about 10 minutes from Dresden felt
fine. Here we see the Vereinslokal (club house).

The tournament consisted of about 100 rounds. The Pole Wojciech
Reza (right) won after showing good consistency, only losing to me and
Rene Zimmermann from Grün-Weiss Dresden in the last rounds.
I ended up as number 2 some points after Reza. The Pole Aleksander
Kumala took the third place. Totally 33 players participated.

Cakes and coke was a necessary part of the 24 hours with chess.
In the evening we ate pizza and in the night one could buy sausages.

Chess has a place in the local newspaper, Sächsische Zeitung.
The chessclub filles the info board with interesting articles.

View from the chessclub. It was a warm weekend in Heidenau, with
only some rain and thunder on Saturday afternoon.It was good as
it cleaned the air.

Some of the players played football in the evening during a break.
Heidenau has a very nice football pitch.

On Sunday it was time to say goodbye to Heidenau. Maybe I will be
back next year to try and win this tournament. It was a very nice
and good organized tournament from the President Matthias Fahland
and his assistents Benjamin S. and Erich J.There will come a report
with text and pictures on the homepage of SK Heidenau.


Avduraim vant Fredrikstad-lyn

Avduraim Dogani (t.v.) vant en overlegen seier da Fredriksstad SS
i går kveld avholdt klubbmesterskapet i lynsjakk. Han scoret 10,5
poeng på 11 runder.Remisen ble avgitt mot Bernt Nordby i 10.runde.
Hogit Talat og Harry Andersen fulgte på de neste plassene med 8,5
og 8 poeng. Det var et meget sterkt beite, noe vi forstår når sterke
spillere som Svein Bjørnland og Holger Blauhut måtte ta til takke med
henholdsvis 6.og 8.plass.Totalt deltok 33 spillere.