Lørdagsnøtta.Navara-Michiels, Wijk aan Zee 2015.
Hvit trekker og vinner.Løsningen kommer søndag.

Solli lynmester i Moss

Espen Solli (t.h.) vant klubbmesterskapet i lynsjakk i Moss.Mossingene
hadde noe trøbbel med Turneringsservice, så en detaljert resultatliste
vil vi dessverre ikke kunne oppdrive denne gangen. Uansett, gratulerer
Espen! På bildet ser vi Espen i aksjon under ØM i lyn i Sarpsborg i november.

Weekend Interview: IM Heiko Machelett

IM Heiko Machelett, SG Leipzig (left) is this weekend`s interview object.
Heiko achieved his IM-title as an 18 year old and has played  1.Bundesliga-
with Erfurt, Duisburg and Magdeburg. Now he mostly plays 2.Bundesliga
Ost with his teammates in SG Leipzig. The picture is taken from the
2.Bundesliga Ost, match Leipzig-Aue in January and he plays GM Gabor
Papp from Hungary in this game. Here follows the interview

1.How did you get involved in chess?

My grandpa told me the rules when I was 4-5 years of age.Don`t remember
that exactly.After that I played chess at elementary School.

2..You have played 1. and 2.Bundesliga for 20+ years.
What makes it so attractive for you to play team chess?

Team competitions are more about fighting spirit and
comradeship than single tournaments.On the other
hand you learn a lot from much stronger, elite players.
At least in 1.Bundesliga there is a kind of mysthical
atmosphere, hard to explain.It gives you the feeling
of being something special.

3.Thoughts on chesslife in Sachsen/Germany.

Nowadays my thought is all about the cheating
problem we have in chess.That belongs to
Germany as well as to the whole chess world.I
am stunned at the latest developments, especially
at the Dubai Open.

4.How far can Arkadij Najditsch go? Top 10?

Arkadij Naditsch is an enormously strong player.
He has got a lot of fighting spirit, but if he wants
to make it to Top 10 he has to face players like
Carlsen, Caruana, Grischuk much more often.
The problem is that he won`t get the chance
to do it besides team championships.
On the other hand it is definitely a difference
in playing skills between these MONSTERS
and a 2730 player….

(Najditsch Plays the top 10 regularly in
 tournaments in Dortmund and Baden-Baden

5. Thoughts about Baden-Baden-Tournament?

Baden-Baden 2015 was a great tournament.
May not be in the quality of the games but
it was extremely entertaining and exciting.
Take a look at the thrilling tiebreak games.

6.What do you think about the Gashimov`s
memorial 2015?

Thats the creme-de la creme of elite players.
Even Mamedov takes his spot and compete.
I am impressed by Magnus.The games
against Caruana and Vachier-Lagrave are
absolutely outstanding and show very well
why Magnus is so far Ahead of anyone
in the world. I also want to mention that I
knew Gashimov and had a good look at
his games.He was an exciting player,
aggressive openings, tremendious technique…
and of course a very Nice and polite guy.
I like the way the honour him with such brilliant
games in his memorial tournament.

7. Who will be the challenger to Carlsen in 2016?
How do you see the chances for the challenger?

I don`t know who is going to challenge him, but
there are a few names in my mind.At first of
course Caruana and Anand.It`s weird, but
Anand could well be the challenger in 2016.
He is so focussed in that critical moments
and he can still be a dangerous player…
see his game against So some das ago.
Deep opening prep. There are other players
like Topalov, Grischuk and Kramnik as well.
If I could wish… I would like to see Kramnik
or Topalov challenge Magnus. But in the
end Magnus will stay World Champion. I
would give Caruana a 30 percent chance
to beat Magnus, maybe less.The other
players don`t have a significant chance
to win a match against him.That`s quite
harsh, but to me Magnus is on another

8.Favourite Food.

I love all kinds of salads without tomatoes.
My favourite Food is nonetheless Lasagne.

9.Favourite program on Television.

I like the History Channel.and for Entertainment
shows Big Bang Theory and Dexter.

10.Favourite Movie? Favourite book?

My favourite movie is the 13th Warrior. and
my favourite Authors are Agatha Christie
and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I like Hercule
Poirot and Sherlock Holmes.

11.How do you prepare best for a Bundesliga weekend?

The best prep for a team match is to be relaxed
and focussed on the game only. I don`t think
that openings play that important role,
even now in the computer days.

12.Which role has chess in your life?

Chess plays a big role in my life. I`ve
been playing for 30 years now.
My focus changed a bit, but I have still goals
I want to achieve.There is that nice red
button you are awarded, when promoted GM.
I love that piece since GM Ralf Appel showed
me his during a friendly blitz match.

13.Which persons would you bring to an island?

I would like to bring 3 persons or Things to a Remote
island.At first I take a Multi-Tool with me. The second
wish is quite, because I would like to take Cody
Lundin and Dave Canterbury from Dual Survival
with me.That increases my chances of survival
massively and I could learn a lot of usefull skills
from both of them.

14.Chesspages/Chessmagazines in Germany/Europe.
Which do you read and which are good?

I often read articles on chessbase.de to be up to date.
Chess Magazines I rarely read, but sometimes Rochade
Europa. I play on Chess24.de.And II read your blog of course!

15.Have you got a favourite tournament as a player and
as a spectator in Internet?

As a player I like Apolda Open because I always had good
results when I played.As a spectator, I highly recommend
everything organized by the St.Louis Chess Club.
The commentary is brilliant (Yasser Seirawan, Maurice Ashley)
Also on chess24.de you can follow the games With Nice live
commentators by Jan Gustafsson and others. I was
impressed by their commentary during the Olympiad….
especially as Kasparov showed up as a guest on their show.

16.What do you do in 10 years?

I hope I still play chess in 10 years and I really hope that
computers don`t destroy our beautiful game.

17.Other hobbies then chess?

I like to read books and novels, love Soccer (Werder Bremen,
Carl Zeiss Jena) and Basketball and other sports.
Just like a normal guy.

Thank you for the interview, Heiko.


EM for senior: Strand med 1 av 2

Kjetil Strand fra Asker har startet EM for senior i Hellas med 1 av 2.Fire
mann, deriblant GM Viktor Kupreichik har 2 poeng.3.runde spilles i dag