Grenke Chess Classic: Naiditsch beat Magnus

German number one, GM Arkadij Najditsch, once again demonstrated
he can be Dangerous for World Champion Magnus Carlsen. In the 3rd
round of the Grenke Chess Classic Magnus played a dubious piece
sacrifice for two pawns in a Pirc. Magnus had not enough compensation and
struggled. But in the time scramble phase, Najditsch played unprecise
and Magnus equalized. Magnus then made some errors and lost. This was
a very tough loss. I guess it would have been smarter to go for the
Sveshnikov or Accelrated Dragon. To give up material after 10 moves for
uncertain compensation makes no sense. After this win Najditsch leads
with 2 points. He shares the lead with Caruana who beat Aronian who
seems to have seen his better days as chessplayer.Magnus follows
in 3rd Place With 1,5 Points. He must share this Place With Anand,Adams
and Bacrot. Adams beat Baramidze in this round. Thursday is free day
in Baden-Baden. The 4th round will be played on Friday at 3 p.m. (15.00).
Magnus has black against Anand in a revenge Meeting after the World
Championship Match.Caruana has white against Adams in the other
top game of this round. Follow the games live on ChessBomb. Read
roundreports at ChessBase or Sjakkfantomet.
Photo:The organizer

Grenke Chess Classic: Magnus beat Adams

World Champion Magnus Carlsen has taken the lead in the Grenke
Chess Classic
. Magnus beat GM Mickey Adams as white in the 2nd
round. Magnus started with the English opening.He held a slight adavantage
most of the game. As Adams gave away a pawn in the endgame, Magnus
converted into a victory. With this win Magnus leads alone With 1,5 Points.
The games Anand-Najditsch, Caruana-Bacrot and Baramidze-Aronian ended
in draws. The 3rd round will be played today. Magnus has black against GM
Arkadij Najditsch and will be eager to revenge the loss from the Chess
Olympics in Tromsø. The other games will be Aronian-Caruana, Bacrot-Anand
and Adams-Baramidze. Follow the games live from 3 p.m. on ChessBomb.
Read the report from round 2 on ChessBase.

Grenke Chess Classic: Magnus startet med remis

Verdensmester Magnus Carlsen (t.h.) startet Grenke Chess Classic i
tyske Baden-Baden med remis mot GM Levon Aronian. Armeneren hadde
fordel i mitdspillet, men Magnus utlignet. Magnus jobbet for helpoenget
i sluttspillet, men det var vel strengt tatt aldri seriøse muligheter. Også
partiene Cariuana-Anand, Adams-Najditsch og Bacrot-Baramidze endte
remis. 2.runde spilles i dag kl.15 med partiene Carlsen-Adams, Anand-Naj-
ditsch, Caruana-Bacrot og Baramidze-Aronian. Følg disse partiene live
ChessBomb eller hjemmesiden. Les runderapporten fra 1.runde hos

Bundesliga:Vogt with good performance

GM Lothar Vogt (left) made a fine performance in the Bundesliga last
weekend. He won as black against IM Gerlef Meins on Saturday  but
Vogts`Eppingen still lost 3,5-4,5 against Werder Bremen. On Sunday
Vogt played a draw against IM Christian Richter, but Eppingen against
lost 3,5-4,5 against Turm Emsdetten. Vogts`opponent on this picture,
GM Raj Tischbierek,also  made 1,5 points after winning on Saturday against
GM Spike Ernst. Tischbierek and his club Dresden won against Rostock
on Saturday, 6,5-1,5, but lost on Sunday 3,5-4,5 against Hamburger SK.
After 9 rounds Baden-Baden leads with 17 Points, after dropping one
point against Werder Bremen last weekend. Dresden lies in 4th Place.
Eppingen in 12th place and needs more points to save the place.The
last four teams in the table will be relegated.

Leipzig: Win against Rosenheim

SG Leipzig  played three matches in the
2.Bundesliga Ost at the weekend.
On Friday it was a difficult match
against Nickelhütte Aue who brought
all of their grandmasters to the match
in Leipzig. The guests won this match
6-2, winning on the four top boards
and dropping draws on the bottom

On Saturday the important match against
Pang Rosenheim was played. SG Leipzig
got nice positions on many boards.
FM Matthias Liedtke won a nice
attacking game where he sacrificed
lots of material to get a mating attack.
Very nice play by Matthias! On the
top boards things looked nice and
FM Roland Voigt had an edge against
GM Valery Atlas. Roland won the exchange.
On the neighbour board IM Heiko Machelett
offered a draw, but his Austrian opponent
nobbed the offer.
Some times later I made a draw on board
5. Leonard Richter had to defend well to
get a draw against IM Maximilian Berchtenbreiter.
Things looked a bit shaky for FM Wilfrid Wernert
who found himself in a difficult endgame
which he lost some time later.
After a while Heiko`s game ended in a draw.
Then FM Manfred Böhnisch decided the
match for us. We lead 3,5-2,5 and team captain
FM Stephan Rausch had a stable advantage With
a pawn over in a rook endgame. Then Roland made
a draw. Stephan failed to win his endgame, but it
was still enough to win the match 4,5-3,5. Two
very important points which gave us hope of saving the
place in the 2.Bundesliga.

Sunday was a tougher day.We should play
the leader MSV Zugzwang.Sadly Heiko had
to rest due to health problems. Robert Kreyssig came
in for Heiko.
The match began with a draw between FM Manfred
Böhnisch and his opponent. Then we started to
get into problems on many boards. Leonard,
Wilfrid and Thomas struggled and lost. In the
meantime Roland made a fine draw against
strong GM Stefan Kindermann. Stephan and
I got into trouble in time trouble and both lost.
The match ended with a terrible 1-7 loss against
a strong opponent.

FM Manfred Böhnisch (right) was back in the 1st team. He was matchwinner
against Pang Rosenheim. Manfred finished the game of with a nice
attack on blacks`king.Yesterday he made a quick draw. Next to him FM
Matthias Liedtke wins against FM Johannes Blaskowski.Matthias sacrificed
material to mate his opponent.

Robert Kreyssig (right) made his debut in the 2.Bundesliga. He fought
good, but lost against Petar Panteev.

FM Roland Voigt (left) played a pretty solid draw against GM Stefan
Kindermann. Roland made two draws against solid opposition this weekend.
I guess there are good chances he will win his first game of the season
when we travel to Bad Mergentheim 21. February. Next to Roland we
can see FM Wilfrid Wernert playing IM Stefan Bromberger.

Take a look at Roland`s nice report on the homepage of SG Leipzig.