Zürich Chess Challenge: Nakamura beats Caruaana

GM Hikaru Nakamura was the man in the 1st round of
the Zürich Chess Challenge. He had a tough fight as
black against GM Fabiano Caruana. The players had
a discussion in the Najdorf. Caruana got into time trouble
and Nakmura killed him on f2. The games Anand-Kramnik
and Aronian-Karjakin ended in draws. Especially Aronian
should have played on. He had sacrificed a bishop for two
pawns and attack. He took out perpetual checks in a
position he should have continued to play on. Read more
from yesterday`s round in Chessbase. The games in the
2nd round are Kramnik-Nakamura, Karjakin-Caruana
and Anand-Aronian. The games start 3 p.m. (15.00).
Today the rapid match Korchnoi-Uhlmann will start the
same place.Follow all the games live on the homepage
or on ChessBomb.