Berlin:Kramnik leads the candidate tournament

Exworldchampion Vladimir Kramnik (right) has taken the lead in
the candidates tournament after beating GM Levon Aronian as black
in the 3rd round. Aronian played 1.e4 and Kramnik went for the
Berlin defence. Aronian played 4.d3 and soon after took on c6. He
was suprised by Kramnik`s 7.-Rg8! which was followed by g5 and Nh5.
Kramnik got a smashing attack and the game was over after less
then Three hours. A surprising victory for Kramnik who now has 2,5
points and leads alone. The games So-Liren, Karjakin-Grischuk and
Caruana-Mamedyarov all endes draw. Caruana had an advantage
against Mamedyarov, but could not convert. Read more about the
round at ChessBase. Tuesday is free day. The 4th round will be played
on Wednesday. The games are Kramnik-Caruana, Grischuk-Liren,
Mamedyarov-So and Karjakin-Aronian.
Follow live on Chess.24 or ChessBomb from 15.00.

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