Chess-News on Monday

1.GM Michael Adams won the British Chess Championship 2018.He won the playoff against GM Luke McShane.Both players scored 7 points after 9 rounds of the main tournament.GM David Howell and GM Gawain Jones followed on the next places with 6,points.IM Jovanka Houska won the women's title.

2.The Dresden Open has started.GM Li Chao b has started with 2 out of 2.The 3rd round can be followed live on ChessBomb or schachfestival.de from 13.00.

3.The Riga Open starts today.Follow live games from 17.00 on ChessBomb.Norwegian participants are FM Lars Hjelms,Lars Breivik, Geir Ivar Henriksen, Frode Ludvigsen and Aksel Tmte.Results come on Chess-Results.com LAT.The tournament has nine rounds and finishes on Sunday.

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