Äskulap-Turnier:Hertneck beat Wichmann

The tournament favourite, GM Gerald Hertneck, (right) beat IM Cliff
Wichmann in the 3rd round of the Äskulap-Turnier here in Görlitz
to make it 3 points. He has white against IM Paul Hoffmann tomorrow

Till Heistermann (left) from Leipzig plays a strong tournament. In
the 3rd round he beat the Ukraine GM Vladimir Sergeev with the
white pieces.Till has black against the Polish IM Kamil Stachowiak
in the 4th round Friday morning.

Pål Røyset (right) won also in the 3rd round and has 2,5 points.
Tomorrow Pål has black against Julian Nöldner. I have 2 points
after drawing Kerstin Arnhold. I have white against Hugo Post in
the 4th round. A win would be nice...The round starts 8.30.


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