Caruana won the candidates tournament

Bildergebnis fr fabiano caruana p joasol.blogg.no
The candidates tournament in Berlin finished today after hard fighting.
GM Fabiano Caruana (left) will challenge World Champion Magnus
Carlsen in the World Championship match in London in November.
Caruana beat Grischuk today and secured the victory. He made
impressive 9 points in 14 rounds, +4. GM Sergej Karjakin and GM
Shakriyar Mamedyarov shared 2nd place with 8 points after drawing
Ding and Kramnik in the last round.Ding took 4th place with 7,5 points.
Grischuk and Kramnik followed on 5th and 6th places with 6,5 points.
So followed on 7th place with 6 points and Aronian was last after
a very disappointing tournament only managing 4,5 points.
Play through the games in ChessBomb.

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