Chess-Results on Sunday

Here are some Chess-Results on Sunday.
1.Stephan Schliebener from BSV 63
Chemie Weissensee won the tournament
Pokal des Handwerks with 6 points.Gnter
Weidlich from Dresden Leuben and Brigitte
Burchardt from Rotation Pankow take
place 2 and 3 with 5,5 points.Steffen
Hoffmann from Fortuna Leipzig take
place 6 with 5 points.
2.SK Come On is the new team champion
in Finland with 19 points.Aatos with
GM Normunds Miezis takes 2nd place
while Mat SK from Espoo takes bronze.
Both clubs score 16 team points.
Play through games in ChessBomb.
3.Skanderborg won the Danish team championships.
Brnshj came in 2nd place and Jetsmark is number 3.
The last matches were played this weekend.
Play through the games in ChessBomb.

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