New victories in Görlitz

Pål Røyset (right) won against the young German talent Hugo Post.
Pål played the Nimzowitsch defence (1.e4 Sc6) and got an
overwhelming position and soon crushed his opponent. Pål will
play white against IM Michal Luch from Polen in the 3rd round of
the Äskulap-Turnier hier in Görlitz.

FM Hendrik Hoffmann (left) from SG Leipzig could also win his
game this morning. He discussed the the Alapin-variation with
his opponent Christof Beyer. Hendrik has black against Paul Atkinson
from Wales in the 3rd round 3 p.m (15.00).

I won against Elisa Silz after having played the bishop-opening which
went over to a Grunfeld-game after 10 moves.I got some attacking
chances on the kings`side, but my opponent blundered into a mate
in her time trouble. Nice to have 2 points. In the 3rd round I will again
have black, against IM Oleg Krivonosov.


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