Victory today in Bayerisch Eisenstein

I did not get an advantage as white in my 2.round game in the Arber Open.My opponent, a player on 2099 from Spain, had excellent drawing chances. But suddenly he blundered a pawn an found himself in a lost ending. The opening was a French, Rubinstein-variation. With 1,5 points I might meet an IM or GM as black tomorrow. Haba or Blechzin are two possible opponents in the 3rd round Monday 2.30 p.m. Time for some tv.

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Jan Arne Bjrgvik

30.06.2013 kl.21:02

Congratulation the very best of

luck in the rounds to come

Jan Arne

Joachim Solberg

30.06.2013 kl.21:10

Thank you, Jan Arne. White against GM Igor Rausis tomorrow.

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